Lead Call Script with Real Estate Customer Profile Worksheet

Build instant rapport, gain the trust of leads, and get the lead info... all on a cold call!

Get the maximum return on every sales call! Our foolproof lead script gives you confidence to call and the accompanying seller profile worksheet guides you through everything you need to ask to turn a lead into a sale!

"We want to help you create generational wealth!"

Glenn & Amber Schworm, Co-Founder of VestorPRO

Proven Seller Lead Script

Instant Rapport & Trust

Calling leads doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, the right words can instantly disarm the person on the other end of the call. What’s more, if they’re an ideal fit, they’ll even thank you for calling!

Comprehensive Seller Lead Worksheet

Everything to Ask Your Seller

Build a strong seller & property profile to help you make an informed offer that is competitive, profitable, and wise. Don’t risk missing a key detail that will cost you money or time.

Cement Your Profits Leaving Nothing to Chance

A complete, comprehensive, and accurate seller & property profile is the first step and an essential part of scaling your real estate business… and with our seller docs, it’s never been easier!