We have flipped over 1,100 homes for $100 million

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Real estate is a path many of America’s top 1% have used to build financial empires, and it provides the same possibilities for you as it has for them… if you go at it the right way.

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Every year we flip over 100 homes 100% remotely. While our team in upstate New York follows a system we put in place, we run the business from our dream home in Florida.

Many people build wealth with breakthrough ideas, world-changing inventions, or savviness in the market. That’s not us.

We simply found a way to make real estate work for average, everyday, ordinary Americans, and the results have been extraordinary!

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If you can find, fund, fix, flip, and hold the right properties, real estate will help you discover freedom.

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Let us show you where to focus your time and efforts so you can let real estate work for you and make money NOW!

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