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Own Every Step of the Real Estate
Investing Process

From lead sourcing to successful sale, Investor SuitePRO is the go-to platform for REI Pro’s

Generate Leads

Gain instant access to discounted property leads in your local area (with the push of a button) before most people know they exist. Within seconds – Leadflow real estate investor software gives you the names, addresses, and contact information for just about every motivated seller in your area at your fingertips.

Analyze The Deal

Run a quick desktop property analysis on any property you come across and know, in minutes, if there’s money to be made (or not). Simply type in the address of a property to automatically determine your projected profits, your maximum allowable offer (MAO), and what your exit strategy should be.

Make The Offer

Once you find a property with profit potential, use the property data provided in the real estate investing software to make your offer with confidence. You can also follow a pre-written script in the Leadflow software when talking with a seller to establish rapport, eliminate fear, and come to a quick agreement.

Fund The Deal

Select “Private Lenders” from the dropdown menu in Leadflow to find real estate investors who might be interested in funding your next real estate deal. Send out a prewritten direct mail campaign to set a meeting with a potential lender, and use a proven “credibility kit” to walk out of that meeting with the funding you need.

Rehab The Property (Optional)

Use Leadflow’s software for real estate investors to walk through a property once, estimate line-item repairs costs, and generate a custom rehab plan in under 5 minutes … all from your iPad or cell phone. Our real estate calculator removes all the “guesswork” from the equation and allows you to map out your next renovation project from A-Z (no real estate experience or construction knowledge required).

Sell Or Rent The Property

When your investment property is ready to sell, simply post the address on Leadflow’s active buyer network to attract the right cash buyers or renters to your property. Once you’ve found the right buyer, use the fill-in-the-blank legal documents in the software to keep yourself protected and close the real estate deal with confidence.

Access Your Real Estate Investor
Super Powers


Your own private search engine and the ultimate shortcut for generating quality real estate leads fast. Gain instant access to cash buyers, private lenders, and motivated sellers in your local area.

Direct Mail

Run a direct mail marketing campaign to your seller, buyer, and private lender leads with just the click of a button. All your printing, stuffing, stamping, and sending is handled FOR YOU.

Automated Email Marketing

Convert leads into deals on auto-pilot. Add the lead information, choose a pre-written email follow-up sequence, and build the relationship! Click and convert with sellers, buyers, contractors and investors!


Your “virtual filing cabinet” to declutter and organize the different aspects of your business. Store contacts and manage real estate transactions from start to finish all in one place.

Deal Analyzer

Put your numbers into the Deal Analyzer to instantly calculate the value of your property and potential profit from the deal. Automatically generated analysis save you thousands in preventing overpaying.

Repair Estimator

No construction knowledge? No problem! Walk through a property once and calculate line-item repair costs with Home Depot SKU numbers that includes material and labor costs… all from your smart device.

We've Thought Of Everything You'll Need

Home Repair Estimator and Home Rehab Planner

Create quick home repair estimates in a single walkthrough and itemized, custom rehab plans including labor and material costs and Home Depot product SKUs.

Real Estate Comps Software

Generate detailed real estate comparables and reports to determine and validate purchase offers, negotiate price, and educate buyers and sellers. 

Electronic Paperless Office

Autofill documents and track expenses, including property maintenance, in one centralized location.

Collaboration Links for Everyone Involved In Your Deal

Grant controlled, time bound access to everyone involved in handling your deals. Decrease time spent in one-on-one interactions and improve detail communications.

Real Estate Buyer and Seller Matching

Access over 2 million active buyers, sellers, and renters with a single click, even automating your searches based upon your desired criteria and data points.

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All the leading features you’ll need

Absentee Owner

Property owners who do not live in the property.

Active Listings

Current listings on the open market.

Cash Buyers

Owners who likely paid cash for their property.

High Equity

A property with a loan-to-value of less than 60%.


A person who is currently renting an apartment or house and may be in the market to purchase a property of their own.


These leads are homeowners who have recently filed for bankruptcy, generally making them very motivated sellers.

Foreclosure Activity

These properties may go through the foreclosure process, but may not have entered or completed the foreclosure process yet.

Direct Mail Engine

Highly responsive personally penned letters, handwritten font letters, and postcards. The printing, stuffing, stamping, and sending is all handled for you in under 48 hours. Direct mail can be tracked to the mailbox.

Skip Tracing 10¢ Per Hit

Skip Tracing is a very effective method for finding motivated sellers. Track down phone numbers for your leads with the click of a button!

Opt In Forms

Create a widget (code snippet) that allows you to have leads deposited into your MVP Investor Suite account from an outside website.

Marketing Library

Full real estate marketing library has everything you need to complete your inbound and outbound real estate marketing efforts, including dozens of real estate postcards, letters, brochures, and yard signs.

Rehab Planner

Easily create itemized, custom rehab plans including labor and material costs and Home Depot product SKUs. Integrated with Home Depot to populate product costs, dimensions, pictures and much more

Repair Estimator

Create quick repair estimates in a single walkthrough using your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone during initial deal evaluation. Use default items, including repairs and pricing, to get started quickly.


Manage contacts and properties, track deals at every stage, and effectively collaborate with team members and others involved in making deals happen, in a centralized location.


Inbound and outbound fax management without the machine. Send and receive faxes directly through your MVP Investor Suite account.

Scrum Board

The Scrum Board allows you to track the progress of Contacts and Properties as you are working on them. Think of it as your 'virtual white board'.

Document Storage

Upload, store, and maintain all important business documents in one easy to access location. Upload documents to specific contact and property files as well as a general documents section.

Power Linking

Collaborate with those involved in making deals happen by giving them limited access to contact and property files when it makes sense for your business. Commonly power linked associates include Contractors, Real Estate Agents, Title Companies, Attorneys, Real Estate Investors, and Sellers. *Power Linked Users do not count toward your user count.


Stay organized as a team by managing appointments, events, and deal activities and link your MVP Investor Suite Calendar to your Google Calendar.


Access, assign, and manage team and individual tasks.

Activity Feed

Collaborate with team members using notes that are date, time, and user stamped. Automatic email notifications are sent to all followers of a specific file when notes entered. Easily upload documents, pictures, photos, and paste in formatted text from programs like Microsoft Word and Pages.

Paperless Office

Manage all inbound and outbound paperwork electronically through a centralized platform including auto-filling documents, managing inbound and outbound faxes, and tracking expenses and property maintenance.

Reviews from Real Estate Investors

“This is one of the best programs I have seen.”

Debra H.

With these kind of features and ease of use make my investment and business experience above my expectation.

Kamal A.

I would recommend this to anyone just starting in RE investing or anyone who has 10 years experience… HELPS!!!

Chris B.

This suite is amazing and powerful for anyone in the REI. I am really quite blown away by the features and ease of use.

Lee P.

Great start-up business tool and guides you step-by-step for your business that builds confidence!

Diohn T.

A must have for ALL!!! Everything you need is right here. You will truly be a success!!! A trillion stars 🌟!

Tracy A.

Saved me so much time looking up sites. I can gather all information on a property and do my due diligence all in one spot.


A top notch program! Thrilled to have such a great system at my fingertips. Invaluable part of any successful RE business.


Helped me weed through properties. The data are extremely accurate. Would highly recommend to all investor types.

Tom Sven Losch

As a RE Professional, I can say – the best Platform I have ever used. I am using a lot of software but this one is special!


It is seamless and plays such a critical role in all aspects of our business, from development to closing the deal.

K. Dolan

I have never found a more comprehensive approach catering to Real Estate Investors of all levels.

Yamro Sikumbuso

When the details get easier, everything gets better

Real Estate Management System


Whether you’re a one-man show or have a team of people involved in day to day business activities, automation is the key to growing and managing your business. Automating 85% of your business means spending more time where you need it most – on revenue producing activities.


Making good business decisions means buying and selling properties based on accurate deal and market analysis. That means pulling accurate comparables, analyzing and managing property repairs, and using important data points to determine the projected return on investment based on well-founded buying and selling scenarios.


Retain more profit by eliminating real estate agent commissions, spending less time digging through potential buyers and sellers, and using the powerful new technology available at your fingertips to buy and sell more properties.

Why would you not want Investor SuitePRO?

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