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You can succeed in real estate with a winning playbook. It’s so simple! But fat cat investors won’t share. Why? They don’t want to train you to become competition.

This free real estate investing course reveals exactly how you can run the same winning real estate plays as the biggest investors in the US.  Get Started Now!

This free course is taught by Glenn & Amber Schworm. Together they've done over 1,100 real estate deals to generate revenue in excess of $100 million, teaching thousands of Americans to do the same.

Discover how to get on the right side of the real estate investing business!

Everyone is a part of the real estate investing business. The question is, which side of the business are you on?

In our free course you’ll discover just how easy it is to move from “paying into real estate” over to “making money through real estate.”

Take action. Educate yourself. Make a decision.

Financial freedom doesn’t come to you… you have to track it down… and real estate is the best vehicle to catch it! Are you the type of person who will chase after it?

Session 1

The Rules of the Real Estate Investing Game

Yes, you can create transformational wealth through real estate. Your biggest obstacle is not money, time, or ability. It’s your own self-doubt. Learn how to overcome fear to pursue your real estate investing dreams from successful investors Glenn and Amber. Gain the knowledge and motivation to start profiting through real estate.

Session 2

Minimize Mistakes, Maximize Profits, and Have Fun!

Confidently take necessary steps for real estate profitability instead of stumbling through the process (costing time and money). Local market, finding off-market deals, and dedicating the right amount of time are vital and that’s what we cover in this video.

Session 3

Choosing Your Pathway to Profits

Wholesaling, flipping, long-term rentals, and short-term rentals. Which is best for beginners? How many deals should you do? What should you expect to profit? What will be your best exit strategy? We answer these questions in this video.

Session 4

What Your Have to Gain Through Real Estate

... or lose by not taking action.

Financial independence? Leaving a legacy? Pursuing a life-long dream? Wanting to leave your job? Do you have family members you need more availability to help? Having the right motivation will keep you moving forward when obstacles and challenges arise that money can’t fix.

Session 5

How to Take Immediate Action and See Fast Results

Real estate rewards action and right now it’s time for you to create your plan of action. Getting started couldn’t be easier. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in real estate investing but there is a clear next step and that’s what we want to share with you now.

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