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How to Make Money As A Real Estate Investor

There is one financial mechanism that has proven to work in any market, over every decade, and for anyone willing to learn the rules of the game: real estate.

Are you desperate to leave your 9-5? Want to increase your annual net? Want more incredible experiences with your family? No matter what you’re looking for, real estate can help you discover it.

This Intro Course, taught by expert real estate investors Glenn & Amber Schworm, tells you what you’ll need to anticipate, how to take meaningful action, what to focus on first, and what is realistically possible for everyday people ready to elevate their real estate game.

Video 1


Real Estate Investing 101: An Introduction

Learn how to overcome fear and self-doubt to pursue your real estate investing dreams from successful investors Glenn and Amber. Gain the knowledge and motivation to start profiting through real estate.

Video 2


Becoming Successful In Real Estate Investing

Confidently take necessary steps for real estate profitability instead of stumbling through the process (costing time and money). Local market, finding off-market deals, and dedicating the right amount of time are vital and that’s what we cover in this video.

Video 3


What You're Really Building Using Real Estate

Wholesaling, flipping, long-term rentals, and short-term rentals. Which is best for beginners? How many deals should you do? What should you expect to profit? What will be your best exit strategy? We answer these questions in this video.

Video 4


What Is At Stake and Why It Is Important for YOU to Act

Financial independence? Leaving a legacy? Pursuing a life-long dream? Wanting to leave your job? Do you have family members you need more availability to help? Having the right motivation will keep you moving forward when obstacles and challenges arise that money can’t fix.

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Start Building Towards Your Dream Today

Real estate rewards action and right now it’s time for you to create your plan of action. Getting started couldn’t be easier. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in real estate investing but there is a clear next step and that’s what we want to share with you now.

Create Your Real Estate Plan of Action

We are so committed to your success that we’ve staffed a team of experienced real estate professionals who are available to help you build a plan that works for you.

All you have to do? Take action and schedule a call. 

In 15 minutes this free call will give you a plan of action for at least the next 15 days. Get started!

Time to Create Your Plan of Action

Anyone can succeed in real estate and turn life-changing profits… even in their first deal. But you have to do it the right way. We believe when you follow the pathway we lay out for you, profit will follow, but more than that, you’ll enjoy the process and find a new level of fulfillment in life!

Why do we believe this? Because that’s the story of the hundreds of men and women whom we’ve worked with and we hope to work with you, next!

This is the best information I’ve ever received.

VestorPRO told me to start going to local REIA meetings and I met my investor. I found a house, did a write up, sent it to the investor. That was the easiest house purchase I ever made. The money is the easy part. The advisors are priceless, they are in my corner.

Now, in the interim of buying and flipping, I’m building a holding portfolio. I want 25 rentals, build it up to have people doing it for me. VestorPRO is by far the best I’ve ever seen.



I owe VestorPRO almost everything. All of the support I’ve gotten from the beginning, especially the mindset. The mindset comes even before the work. You come to many obstacles and is your capacity ready to overcome the challenges and obstacles?

You need support. Of course you can do it on your own but you’re going to make a lot of costly mistakes and before you even become successful, you’re gonna give up.


Airline Executive

You could do real estate on your own, and we did at one time, and we made a ton of mistakes that cost us a lot of money. I didn’t have all the VestorPRO resources or the way to go through the project.

In the beginning when we were looking at homes we used the VestorPRO Deal Evaluator and the VestorPRO team was able to look at the deal and instruct us ways to save big.

This is more than a program or resources saying, “Okay, go be somebody,” the team was here to help and guide, and it turned into an investment that helped us save money, take the right steps, and not make costly mistakes.


Bank Compliance Officer

I hung on to everything VestorPRO said and I thought, “I know I can do this!” If I can get through cancer I can get through anything.

If you had told me I would write a scope of work up in excel I would have told you you’re out of your living tree!

I jumped in both feet. I didn’t need to know everything. I didn’t need to understand everything, I just needed to take action and move forward.



After a year of working with VestorPRO it’s been great. The advisors give me a level of accountability in different ways. We’re now ratcheting up from 3-4 flips per year to 8-10 flips per year.



I did real estate for a year before working with VestorPRO and after our first experience my business partner and I looked at each other and said, “We just got ripped off.” That was the first flip. The second, we lost $40,000.

For our next property we used the VestorPRO worksheets, did the home evaluator, and followed every step to come up with the calculations. Smoothest flip I’ve ever been involved in.

In-and-out in two months and made $60,000. Huge!

My family drives me to keep doing what I’m doing. The kids are attached to me cause I’m always around. I take them to school. I pick them up from school. I take them to all their events. I’m at every single event they do… it’s me!

I’ve made about $90,000 in actual profit and in project it’s about $140k, $150k. Close to $250k since working with VestorPRO.


Former Attorney

Now It's Your Turn!

The formula for real estate has been perfected and it can work for you, too!

We want you to fall in love with the life that comes with real estate success! 

We have built a team of real estate advisors who set aside hours every day to help people discover their pathway forward in real estate… and they’re ready to help you, too!

We’re ready to bet on you… are you willing to bet on yourself? You should, because your dreams of a bigger future are worth it and real estate can make it a reality.

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