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We’ll teach you about the four pillars of real estate, help you choose the right path for you, and how to start a real estate business with as little as $5,000 for startup costs.

Use real estate to build generational wealth in record time.

Go beyond using real estate for a quick burst of cash and build a business backed by had assets, valuable in all market conditions, scaleable, and offers multiple streams of revenue opportunity.

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Every year our real estate business flips over 100 homes 100% remotely. We run the business from our home in Florida while our team manages operations in upstate New York.

After spending 4 years proving this business model, we are now training others to do the same thing — build a successful real estate business that can be done anywhere in the US.

We found a way to make real estate work for average, everyday, ordinary Americans, and the results have been extraordinary!

Are You Wanting to...

If you can find, fund, fix, flip, and hold the right properties, real estate will help you discover freedom.

What The Freedom4 Method Teaches You

How to find off-market deals

Four pillars of residential real estate

Deals that produce the biggest profits

Options for funding without your own money

Four areas to focus on for profits

Alternative investments to flipping

Basic legal protections to consider

Deals that are easy to pass on that you should take

Deals where you have the greatest potential to lose

Build your business without quitting your job

Exit strategies for cashing in

Learning curve shortcuts

You're Already In the Real Estate Business...

But you're the one paying money... let's flip that.

If you pay for housing (rent, mortgage, or other), you’re already in the real estate business. We want you to go from writing the check to cashing the check, and this free training is your first step to starting your real estate business and to getting paid!

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