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Depending on your situation, you’ll receive one of three recommended action steps to compliment your Freedom4 Training material.

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Base Resource

The Intro Course framework is effective no matter where you are in your journey. Knowing that there are proven winning plays you can run makes REI so much more rewarding and enjoyable


Add-on Training

The Intro Course is applicable to everyone and we want you to know exactly how to put it to work FOR YOUR SITUATION. The companion add-on resource gets you better results faster.


Helpful Followup

Because most people think real estate takes a long time to get started, they aren’t ready when they discover an opportunity. We are already thinking about that and already have a follow up plan ready to keep you moving.

VestorPRO is where you can discover the extraordinary opportunity of real estate and learn how to FIND, FUND, FIX, FLIP & HOLD properties in your area! Make real estate work for you!