Fast Start+ Mentorship Program

The proven systems and experienced coaching you need to succeed

Unmatched Expertise to Unlock Unlimited Real Estate Profitability

Experience Is Your Best Coach

Our investment in you begins with your investment in yourself. We believe in you!

Glenn & Amber Schworm

Co-Founders, VestorPRO

Benefits of Fast Start+ Mentorship Program

Everything You Get In the Fast Start+ Program

You want results. We want that for you, too. Below we’ve given you more details on your pathway to profits using the Fast Start Mentorship Program.

Real Estate Investment Coaching

VestoPRO 1:1 Coaching

Each call is 30 minutes long and pairs you with a high level, experienced investor who will answer questions, review deals, offer direction, insight, feedback, and leadership to help you reach your goals.

Get 3 Months of 1 on 1 Coaching!

VestorPRO Group Coaching

Unlimited access to the weekly group coaching calls hosted by experienced real estate investors.

Recorded Group Coaching Sessions

Not only do you get unlimited access to group coaching going forward, you also get access to our best group coaching sessions prior to you becoming a Fast Start Member. This means answers and insights for what you need when you need it.

On-Demand Training, Resources, and Education

Coaching Portal

100+ Coaching Videos, Scope of Work Template, Walk Thru Checklists, Project Budget Report, Direct Mail, Bandit Sign Marketing, Sample Offer Letters, Scripts, Raising Private Money, How to Get Deals to Come to You, Wholesaling, Design, How to Locate, Interview, Hire, and Manage Contractors, Contractor Contracts, Hard Money Lenders, Staging and Selling, Holding Properties for Long-Term Wealth, and much more!

Home Flipping Home Study Course

Access 20+ Hours of Recorded Training from Glenn, Amber, and the Team covering topics like Finding, Funding, Fixing, Flipping, Holding, Wholesaling, Business Structure, Business Credit, Asset Protection, Tax Savings Strategies, Deal Evaluation, Contractor Management, Building a Rental Portfolio, Part-Time Real Estate Investing, Investor Mindset, and more.

No Flip Flipping Wholesaling Course

No-Flip Flipping offers a proven blueprint for financial freedom in real estate, even for beginners. Learn the step-by-step system to make money without buying or renovating properties. Access resources, templates, bonus trainings, and a supportive community. Follow Glenn & Amber Schworm’s success story and seize opportunities. Control your financial future and live without budget constraints.

Business Formation & Development

2-Day Fast Start Virtual Bootcamp

Intensive Training for $100,000 in Your First Year: Detailed guidance on finding, funding, fixing, and flipping two properties, establishing a solid foundation as a real estate investor. Learn the systems and processes for achieving $100,000 in a year, with personalized coaching. Gain essential skills for flipping, wholesaling, and rental property growth. Small group Q&A sessions included.

Premier Corporate Consulting

Coaching for your business start-up needs. One-on-one LLC record book walk through, LLC documentation review to help finalize most state and federal requirements. You’ll receive unlimited access to call your coach with questions or concerns regarding initial tax classification forms and filings, business license and organizational direction.


Get 3 Months of Coaching!

Business Evaluation

Private consultation with experts to determine the best structure for your business that fits your goals.

LLC Package

A buisness LLC formation is included with your Fast Start+ to ensure you are running your business safely and securly to protect against legal issues and help you save money on taxes.

Home Depot Discount Card

Get volume Bid Room discounts and receive up to 38% off on materials.

MVP Investor Suite Is Your Deal Finding Weapon

With MVP Investor Suite you don’t need to worry about finding deals. All you need to decide is which deals you want to pursue! See how deal finding works and how it will work for you!

Fast Start+ Delivers The Resources You need

A Full Suite of Coaching & Training

On-demand Webinar Library

Our extensive library of over 100 webinar recordings covers a wide range of topics, ensuring that there is a video for nearly every need or interest.

REI Document Library

An incredible collection of REI documents covering topics from private investment and offers all the way to contractor templates and sample rental resources.

Private Facebook Group

Collaborate with other VestorPRO students. Share successes, post photos, ask questions, and get feedback. Share resources like hard money lenders, contractors, insurance, etc.

Live Webinar Presentations

Collaborate with other VestorPRO students. Share successes, post photos, ask questions, and get feedback. Share resources like hard money lenders, contractors, insurance, etc.

6-Step Self-Paced Kickstart

Get to work immediately through our self-faced coaching kickoff. No need to wait — get started with the initial questionnaire, self-evaluation, discover process, and goal setting exercises. 

VestorPRO Coaching Portal

Find everything you need to fix and flip your first or next home!

Get instant access to the tools, training, experience, and resourcing that would otherwise take you years to accumulate and hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for.

Questions? Absolutely.

Speak with your VestorPRO REI advisor for additional details and answers to any questions you have about VestorPRO Fast Start+ Mentorship Program

Helping You Build the Expertise You Need to Win Over the Long-Haul

Fast Start is the quickest and most economical way to get in the real estate investing game. You get a foundational education, immediate access to resources typically built over decades, and access to coaches and mentors when you need it.

Glenn & Amber created Fast Start because everyone deserves the opportunity to take action in real estate.