event admin

Full job description

At VestorPRO, our mission is to change people’s lives through real estate investing! At VestorPRO, our mission is to change people’s lives through real estate investing!

We provide the systems and processes needed in order for people to become successful real estate investors and our coaching, materials, and tools come from years of personally and actively investing in real estate.

job purpose

The event admin position is responsible for meeting with the students in order to complete the enrollment process.

roles & responsabilities

Onboarding team members are responsible for enrolling new students into the MVP student program. You will spend the day meeting one on one with the students to get the proper information filled out. This includes getting the contract signed as well as completing each payment process. You are also responsible for getting this information inputted into the internal system in order to ensure this critical information is documented for the home office team.


Need to be able to stay calm in a fast paced environment. Team members should be comfortable using technology and able to multitask virtually in multiple windows at a time. Must attend a team meeting the week of the event and attend a team meeting following the event.


  • Log in at 9:30am so that by 10am, everything is good to go in terms of Dakota making a co-host, etc.
  • Advisors will communicate in slack when they have students ready for enrollment
  • Processor available to accept will respond and jump in room with that advisor
  • Advisor goes over payment plan and leaves the room
  • Processor completes enrollment
  1. Infusionsoft (confirm contact info and add 30 day tag)
  2. Forms of payment that are applicable (UGA, ClearPay, Clover, Capwell)
  3. DocuSign
  4. Update student’s name to say MVP and dismiss them back to main room
  5. Update spreadsheet ‘new student’ tab

You will end with a quick meeting to review the day.

company information, tools and instruments

Contractor will supply all tools, equipment, and supplies required to perform the services under this Agreement.

job type

  • 1099 Contract position
  • Required to be available 1 Sunday per month for the hours of 9:00am – 5:30pm