A Guide to Flipping Properties with VestorPRO

Flipping houses refer to the process of buying a property, fixing it, and selling it for a higher price to home buyers. You can make tons of money from house flipping, given that you follow the right investment strategies and make smart and informed decisions. After all, it isn’t a few-dollar investment — you’re investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a property in the hope that it will be sold for a high rate in the future.

Imagine investing $140,000 in a property and a few hundred bucks on its renovation only to discover that nobody wants to buy it. You will have to meet the expenses of the property upkeep, taxes, insurance, utility bills, and more. Plus, you have to finance the realtor fees when the property is finally sold later. This can have a profound impact on the profit you generate from this investment. Of course, you don’t have to sell the property immediately, as not everyone wants short-term gains from house flipping. Some investors keep the property for rental income. They hold the property in order to generate a stable rental income from the investment.

Do You Need Cash to Flip Properties?

Not if you’re working with VestorPRO! This real estate coaching company is run and managed by Glenn and Amber Schworm, two successful and professional real estate investors who have several years of experience working as investors and real estate coaches. You don’t have to spend a single penny from your pocket or savings account to finance your real estate investment. That’s the best part about the house flipping business.

You will be taught the best ways to fund your investment and generate BIG chunks of money from the investment market easily. At VestorPRO, the students are given the secret formulas of investment that have worked wonders for Glenn and Amber, as well as other aspiring investors. Contrary to popular belief, not every house makes a great option for investment. Just because the vendor is selling it for a cheap rate doesn’t mean you should invest in it. Before you put your money in any real estate, evaluate it and consider the profit you can generate from its sale in the future. These are the basic things you need to consider when making an investment in real estate. The location of the property, its market value, neighborhood, repair and maintenance requirements, insurance cost, and taxes are a few crucial factors every investor must take into consideration when making an investment in real estate.

So, where exactly should you start? And, what all things you must take into consideration when starting your career in property investment. First things first, real estate investment is associated with some level of risk, like other investment markets. Risk is an inevitable part of your investment. Only those with a mindset of an investor can succeed in this market. That’s because the real estate market is beyond house flipping. Your job doesn’t end with putting money in this market and expecting whopping returns.

So, How Does VestorPRO Help?

Glenn and Amber started VestorPRO with the goal of helping people achieve financial freedom through the real estate market. You don’t have to quit your 9-5 job or leave your business to become part of the real estate industry. It can be a source of your side income that grows your wealth over time. You could also consider it the primary source of income by using short-term investment strategies. At VestorPRO, you are taught advanced skills to grow as an investor. Having achieved success in the real estate investment market, Glenn and Amber have done a great job flipping houses and building the life of their dream.

They started their career back in 2007 and made their first sale the same year. Glenn and Amber built their real estate empire over the course of 10 years. They have flipped over 600 houses and generated more than $57 million throughout their investment career. They needed money to repay their debt of $80k in 2007, which is why they entered the real estate industry to make BIG chunks of money and settle their debt.

Not only did they quit their 9-5 jobs, but the couple managed to build a successful career in real estate and started their coaching business to help transform others’ life. They teach real estate investment skills that they have learned in the past few years to their students. What sets the couple apart from other investors is their passion to help students grow the same way they have grown their wealth. They are passionate about giving the right tips and proven formulas to aspiring investors who are serious about making a career in the investment market and diversifying their investment portfolio.

4F’s of Investment

Real estate investment is not a piece of cake. Everyone enters this industry to generate substantial wealth in no time. To achieve your goals, it is important to get an in-depth analysis of the real estate market and understand the techniques that work. At VestorPRO, you are taught the skills for succeeding in real estate. The company teaches you the following:

  • Find: Find the best property for your first investment
  • Fund: The easiest and cheapest methods to fund your investment
  • Fix: Make necessary repairs and renovations to the property to increase its market value
  • Flip: Sell the house for a profitable rate to the interested homebuyer and generate significant profits from the sale.
  • Hold: You are also taught the ways to hold the property for a stable income over time.

Glenn and Amber are conducting a 3 Day Virtual Home Flipping Workshop where they teach their students how to generate wealth through real estate investment. The couple teaches you the strategies and formulas that worked for them and show you the scope of this market and the best ways to use investment formulas for maximum profits. You can join the Home Flipping Workshop for just $59 and become part of the real estate investment industry.

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